• Fri. Dec 9th, 2022



Where: Spokane, WA January 16-19, 2023

Monday - Tuesday: Data Presentations

Wednesday: Strategy Sessions

Thursday: Plans Going Forward

My Life With Covid-19

Covid-19 Interviews, and stories from various disciplines of healthcare.

Statement of Purpose

He’s Alive Television will also provide special speakers, resources, and information on the subject of “Personal Health Preparedness” to the general public, especially the health care challenged. Corporations and government entities alike incentivize their employees to be healthier with exercise and diet, saving millions of dollars in health care costs. We want to demonstrate how the private and public sectors can work to improve the personal health of those in need – extending the quality of life, reducing corporate liability and expenditures – as well as the strain on the healthcare system generally, especially in times of public health emergencies. Our goal is to develop a multifunctional facility to teach cooking and exercise classes, and host health fairs and health education lectures on financial and mental health,  to improve the whole person – mind, body, and soul.

Data Driven Conversations

  • This will be a data-driven conference, with 4 days of questions, answers, and emphasis on what went right versus wrong. When, Where How, and Why…

  • What Did we learn?

  • Planning for the next pandemic event

  • What do we do differently

  • Individual right vs public health

Areas of Discussions

Covid-19 review from 2019 Until Now
Correlations to Comorbidities
Repercussions on the uninsured, underinsured, and generally poor in the community
Impacts on Ethnic Groups
Long-term effects, financial, health, long covid, etc.
Results by age group, short and long term (how to curtail the adverse long-term effects )
HOSPITAL: (medical supplies, employees) workers in general staffing, HR issues
Public supply-chain issues
The futility of Care: Ethics, code status, who get the bed and ventilator
Public health, local homelessness
Mental Health: stress, anxiety, multiple deaths


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About Us

He’s Alive Television, is a Non-Profit Christian Television station that has served the Spokane, WA area for the past 27 years. Recently, this network has revamped the content on one of its channels to target the health and wholeness of its audience. The Wedge Network brings health education to the community in various ways including, but not limited to, physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health seminars; plant-based cooking classes; and outreach to facilitate communal connections. During the week of January 16-19, 2023, He’s Alive Television will host an area-wide symposium on COVID-19. All healthcare workers, politicians, heads of corporations, and concerned citizens are invited to participate.
Spokane Covid-19 Symposium 2023