• Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

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Gospel of Health Evangelism Workshop

Course Description

God’s Plan

This course discusses the Biblical principles of the medical missionary work and the therapeutic value and application of the eight laws of health.  The fundamental principles which distinguish heavens-approved health plan from the New Age and conventional plans will be taught.  The principles of true education will also be taught in this course.

Understanding the Creator’s Masterpiece

In this course, the student will learn anatomy and physiology with special emphasis on cell biology, digestion, and elimination, the seven channels of elimination, and the Biblical concepts of vital force.

God’s Plan for the Preservation and Restoration of Health

This course will teach disease, its causes, prevention, and cure.  This course will be equivalent to the pathology courses that are taught in other medical schools.  In this course, health and disease will be defined.

God’s Nutritional Plan

The elements of nutrition and the principles that govern their proper use will be discussed.  This course will discuss the role of nutrition on spirituality and health.  Proper food combinations and the Biblical classification of foods will also be taught.

Nature’s Rational Remedies

This course teaches the principles and application of nature’s remedial agencies such as herbs and foods as medicines and hydrotherapy.

Christ’s work is to be done. Let those who believe the truth consecrate themselves to God. Where there are now a few who are engaged in missionary work, there should be hundreds. Who will feel the importance, the divine greatness, of the work? Who will deny self? When the Saviour calls for workers, who will answer, “Here am I, send me”?

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Brethren and sisters, as this appeal in behalf of the needy comes to you, I hope that you will respond. Let every member take a lively interest in this good work. Do not let Jesus be disappointed in you. The word of God abounds with instruction as to how we should treat the widow and fatherless, and the needy, suffering poor. If all would do the work of the Master, the widow's heart would sing for joy, and hungry little children would be fed, the destitute would be clothed, and those ready to perish would be revived. MMis July 1, 1891, par. 15